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Sep 27, 2017

Sports Illustrated

"To find the future of sports medicine, head to the Andrews Institute and inside the Athletic Performance & Research Pavilion, past the bespectacled, lab-coat wearing wooden pelican in the lobby. Take the elevator up one floor, turn right and traverse the long hallway. Don’t miss the sign—“Regenerative Medicine Center”—written in small letters on the door. That’s it. No blinking neon bat signal announcing: Behold, three rooms that could change sports!"

Jul 12, 2016

Institute of Regenerative Medicine

"Stem cell therapy for athletes, once considered to be a taboo practice, has become widely accepted among professional sports organizations. According to an article by Sports Illustrated, more than 100 NFL players have tried stem cell therapy in the past few years. Yet football players are not the only professional athletes that have embraced this cutting edge technology."

Oct 12, 2015

CBS Sports

"The Cowboys managed to defeat the Eagles without Dez in Week 2, but they've lost three consecutive games since. They now sit a game behind the Giants in the NFC East, tied with both Philly and Washington with a 2-3 record. In an effort to return from the injury after Dallas' Week 6 bye, Bryant had bone marrow stem cells removed from his hip and injected into his ankle, per the Dallas Morning News."

Apr 23, 2015

Daily News Sports

"The procedure raised some eyebrows within baseball circles after a 2011 New York Times report detailed Purita’s treatment of Colon, and MLB looked into the matter.Colon’s bone marrow was spun in a centrifuge to separate it from the blood material, and then, along with Colon's own body fat, injected into the pitcher's elbow and shoulder to help repair ligament damage and a torn rotator cuff."

May 25, 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald

"Stem cells placed into the knees of Trent Hodkinson and Aaron Woods have helped resurrect their careers and has allowed them to leap into the representative arena. They both had severe knee problems which could have forced them into early retirement. Hodkinson had the procedure in 2012, Woods at the end of last season."

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