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Maintain the integrity & management of your high value tissue samples. 

Engineered to improve sample management & proven results with hundreds of thousands of samples. 


Storing valuable research and clinical grade frozen bio-specimens in foil, bags, or cryovials can be inefficient and destructive.  


Glass cryovials can break, narrow-necked cryovials can limit the dimensions of banked tissues and make the sample difficult to extract.

Tissue stored in foil or bags may be subject to tissue desiccation due to airflow contiguous to the sample.


To help improve quality and logistics around the banking of human or animal biospecimens, Provia Labs developed the Proviasette™, the next-generation biospecimen storage container. 

Provia's Proviasette™ containers are specifically designed for the efficient storage and tracking of frozen human biospecimens, optimizing tissue management and maximizing the productivity of tissue banks.


  • Compact, uniform design enables storage of up to 8400 samples in an upright -86°C freezer.

  • Using our custom 21-cell box insert, the Proviasette™ fits neatly into standard 5”x5”x2” cryo-boxes.

  • Design reduces time for sample accessioning and manipulation.

  • Shallow well enables quick access to samples.

  • Internal struts help maintain tissue orientation of OCT-embedded and snap-frozen tissue samples.​

  • ​​Dual polymer construction prevents seizure of cap.

  • Multiple surfaces accept industry standard barcode labels.

  • Flexible integration into biorepository management systems.

  • 95kPa certification complies with IATA guidelines.

Proviasette Device

Provia Labs Expands Distribution of its Unique Proviasette™ Frozen Biospecimen Container 

Enters Expanding Market in the United Kingdom and Ireland for Tissue Banking.

The Use of Provia Laboratories’ Proviasette™ is Expanding – Setting the Standard for Frozen Biospecimen Storage 

Government, Global Pharma, Academic, and Biotech Researchers Expand Their Use of Proviasettes™

Proviasette™ Highlighted in Frost & Sullivan Market Insight 

The Biobanking Community to Increasingly Require Innovative Products in Bio-Storage Applications.

The Next Generation Frozen Biospecimen Container Is Here 

Proviasette™ - Improve Sample Quality, Access, and Organization of High-Value Frozen Tissue


"After an extensive search for storage containers for bigger tissue pieces we chose the Proviasette. It has made our life in the bank a lot easier in regards to processing, labeling, and storing of frozen tissue."

Alexandra Lerch-Gaggl, PhD
Scientific Director

Pediatric BioBank & Analytical Tissue Core Children's Research Institute
Milwaukee, WI, US

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