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Cord Blood Banking

Cord Tissue Banking

Cord blood is the blood that remains in your newborn's umbilical cord after birth. This blood contains valuable stem cells that could be a rich and powerful source of healing.

Cord blood banking preserves these stem cells in order to save them for later use in:

Transplant Medicine

Cord blood transplants involve infusing stem cells into a patient's blood stream where they go to work to create a healthy new immune system - used to treat nearly 80 diseases including cancers and blood disorders.


The tissue found in your newborn's umbilical cord contains a different kind of stem cell called mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs.


(Click here for family's involved in surrogate births.)


Though still in the research phase, MSCs are showing great potential for future treatments in:

Regenerative Medicine

"Imagine a world where there is no donor organ shortage, where victims of spinal cord injuries can walk, and where weakened hearts are replaced.

This is the long-term promise of regenerative medicine, a rapidly developing field with the potential to transform the treatment of human disease through the development of innovative new therapies that offer a faster, more complete recovery with significantly fewer side effects or risk of complications."

- National Institutes of Health

How the process works


Client Enrollment & Registration

Client discusses ProviaCord options with a Provia Client Educator. When deciding to enroll client registers by completing the ProviaCord agreement, an informed consent, and the FDA required health history questionnaire. After making payment, client is shipped a ProviaCord kit.


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Sample Collection

Please notify your physician and nurse team that you will be collecting cord blood and cord tissue (if choosing to collect both).  Instructions are inside the kit.


Courier Pick-Up & Transport

After your physician/nurse has completed sample collection and returns the kit to you, please call the number on the kit to arrange pickup at the hospital.  The sooner the kit is picked up, the better, but must happen within 24 hours after birth. 


Sample Intake & Verification

When the sample arrives, it is accessioned, reviewed for document completion, and registered within laboratory control systems.


Processing & Testing

Cord blood samples are volume reduced and packaged for cryopreservation. Samples are tested for overall cellular content, relevant stem cell content (for example, CD34+ marker), and viability. 


Sample Cryopreservation

 Samples are gradually frozen in a controlled process to maximize post thaw viability and stored in vapor phase liquid nitrogen (approximately - 178 degrees Celsius).


Biobanking & Issuance of Certificate of Storage

Once processed and put away safely, Provia sends a certificate of storage indicating volume stored and results of sample testing.


Sample Released & Shipped Upon Request

When requested, Provia will either process and/or test the sample to your physician’s specifications (if needed) or ship directly to your clinic or product manufacturer. 

Why choose ProviaCord?

Why Choose Proviacord?

Highest Regulatory Standards

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ProviaCord offers an alternative source of stem cells more relevant for surrogate births.


Surrogate Births
Cord Blood Pricing

Cord Blood Processing Fee: $1,650

Storage Options:

  • $1,800 20 Years of Storage

  • $4,000 50 Years of Storage

  • $6,000 Lifetime Storage (up to 100 years)

Contact us at 855-444-2280 or for additional information.


Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Pricing

Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Processing Fee: $2,850

Storage Options:

  • Contact us at 855-444-2280 or for additional information about storage options. 


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