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Kidney & Liver Disease

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Oct 27, 2017

"Induction of endogenous adult stem cells by administering soluble molecules provides an advantageous approach for tissue damage repair, which could be a clinically applicable and cost-effective alternative to transplantation of embryonic or pluripotent stem cell-derived tissues for the treatment of acute organ failures."

Sep 28, 2017

Medical Xpress

"A team of researchers with Kyoto University and Kagawa University, both in Japan, has cured renal anemia in mice by injecting them with treated human stem cells. In their paper published in Science Translational Medicine, the group describes their approach and how well it worked."

Oct 20, 2015

Belfast Telegraph

"NHS Blood and Transplant is to grow stromal stem cells to create around 800 million cells ready for use in patients. Stromal stem cells can differentiate into a variety of cell types such as bone cells, cartilage cells and fat cells. In the case of diabetic kidney disease, the stem cells are thought to work by reducing inflammation in the kidney."

Oct 08, 2015

Valley News

"Two teams of researchers have grown rudimentary organs from stem cells: a primitive kidney and the beginnings of an intestine. The two announcements show important progress in regenerative medicine and begin to answer one of the promises made by stem cell researchers — that powerful cells might be used for grow-your-own organ transplants."

Sep 10, 2015

Press Herald

"Growing human organs in a laboratory might sound like something straight out of a 1950s science fiction movie, but scientists at Maine Medical Center’s Research Institute have received a $6.8 million federal grant for potentially groundbreaking research that they hope will result in ways to use adult stem cells to grow kidneys."

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