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Heart Disease

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Feb 13, 2018


"A patch that reinforces the heart after a heart attack seemed to work well in a recent clinical trial involving pigs. How will it work in humans?"

Oct 31, 2017

Emory University School of Medicine

"Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta have been using space-simulation machines to enhance the ability of pluripotent stem cells to turn into cardiac muscle cells. Now they – or the cells they've carefully cultured, at least -- will get the chance to try the real thing on the International Space Station."

Oct 25, 2017

NC State University

"Cardiac stem cell therapy is a promising treatment for damaged hearts. However, researchers are still working on two major issues with the therapy – how to keep the stem cells in place and how to prevent rejection when the stem cells are not from the patient’s own body. A new approach from NC State researcher Ke Cheng and a team of international collaborators may solve both of these problems."

Oct 08, 2017

The Post and Courier

"A Clemson researcher thinks injecting stem cells into dying hearts might be a breakthrough therapy for heart failure patients, and the National Institutes of Health is backing him up with a $1.5 million grant."

Sep 27, 2017

Medical News Today

"Using stem cells derived from the umbilical cord, researchers have improved the heart muscle and function of heart failure patients, paving the way for noninvasive therapies."

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