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Eye & Vision

Did you know families are now choosing to preserve stem cells from their children's baby teeth, wisdom teeth and teeth removed for orthodontia?

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Nov 05, 2017

The National

"An innovative therapy for blindness that is attributed with restoring some sight in people with previously untreatable vision loss is being offered in Dubai. The procedure, called bone marrow fraction therapy, was developed by Dr Jeffrey Weiss, a retinal surgeon based in Florida in the US."

Mar 08, 2016

CBS News

"Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) affects around 15 million people in the U.S. alone, and globally up to 30 million. For most victims, vitamins and pain relief are the best treatment available. But Professor Pete Coffey of University College London is pioneering a new therapy that could stop the disease in its tracks, and restore vision to the blind, through the London Project to Cure Blindness."

Mar 04, 2016


"In an amazing case of one part of the human head helping another, it is not just possible but probable that a person’s teeth may one day help their eyes, if they are suffering from corneal scarring."

Mar 01, 2016

Fox News Health

"Corneal disease causes nearly 10 percent of blindness cases worldwide, and the condition is typically treated with donor corneas. But researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have discovered that stem cells from the dental pulp of wisdom teeth can be manipulated to form cells of the eye’s cornea— a finding that may provide an easier procedure to repair corneal scarring."

Oct 11, 2015

UCI News

"Dr. Henry Klassen is using stem cells to cure retinitis pigmentosa. “We’ve believed it’s possible to rescue and even rejuvenate rods and cones in the degenerating retina,” Klassen says. “Now that our method have been validated, I’m optimistic that stem cell-based treatments will help people with failing vision.”"

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