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Did you know families are now choosing to preserve stem cells from their children's baby teeth, wisdom teeth and teeth removed for orthodontia?

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Oct 30, 2017

Just Girly Things

"Baby teeth contain stem cells inside the dental pulp of the tooth, stem cells that can regenerate into neurons, bone and cartilage, and some cardiac cells that can repair damaged heart tissue. In short, these stem cells can help to cure a myriad of diseases that children are or will be susceptible to."

Oct 24, 2017

Your Story

"A team of researchers at King’s College London has discovered a method to stimulate the renewal of dental pulp’s living stem cells with the help of an Alzheimer’s drug."

Oct 03, 2017

TMC News

"Rather than choosing a root canal treatment or tooth extraction for young permanent teeth, Silva believes he can use stem cells to replace the damaged tissue with healthy tissue and promote root formation. His research is in the preclinical stage, but results so far have been promising."

Jul 08, 2017

Bio Portfolio

"Dental pulp constitutes an attractive source of these cells since collecting mesenchymal stem cells from this site is a noninvasive procedure which can be done following a common surgical extraction of supernumerary or wisdom teeth. Thus tissue sacrifice is very low and several cytotypes can be obtained owing to these cells' multipotency, in addition to the fact that they can be cryopreserved and stored for long periods. Mesenchymal stem cells have high proliferation rates making them favorable for clinical application."

Jan 09, 2017


"The stem cells in our teeth can be energized to fill in chips, cracks, and cavities, researchers say, and the findings could one day possibly make dental cement obsolete.."

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