Provia Labs Accreditations

Not all dental stem cell banking services are equivalent. Our end-to-end process is consistent with best practices stated in the AAPD Policy on Stem Cells and federal and state regulations.

Provia Labs is not currently licensed in the state of NY, but our application for licensing is pending.

Work with a provider that you can trust to properly save your client's precious stem cells.

Our Laboratory
Our 10,000 sq. ft. facility is FDA registered and compliant, CLIA certified.
Our lab has over a 10-year history of preserving human tissues, blood, and stem cells for clients in over 14 countries, with over 50,000 samples stored.

Our Process
We use Save-A-Tooth® as the core component of our tooth collection and transport kit.

Save-A-Tooth® is FDA-approved, ADA-accepted, recommended by the Mayo Clinic and the NIH and trusted by thousands of dentists, emergency responders, sports teams, schools, and families to preserve avulsed teeth for reimplantation.

Provia's laboratory & device accreditations